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HACER was formed to give voice to Latino parents in Iowa seeking access to quality, affordable educational options for their children. We’re an active coalition advocating for the expansion of school choice in Iowa, for the benefit of Iowa’s Latino families.

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Equipping parents with information about choices in education.

A Voice.

Dedicated to making Latino parent voices heard in important discussions on education in Iowa.

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Connecting parents with programs to help them access and afford their first choice education providers. 

What is School Choice?

Any policy that allows families to take their children’s education dollars to the approved education provider of their choosing — be it traditional public schools, public charter schools, private school, virtual learning, or home schooling.

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Latinos Support School Choice


Latino Families in the State of Iowa


Arlene McClintock

Executive Director

Arlene McClintock is the executive director of HACER (Hispanics Aligned for Choice in Education Reform.) As a first generation American and a member of the Hispanic community, education is something she is very passionate about. Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education along with an ESL endorsement from Faith Baptist Bible College, she desires to use her knowledge and skills to help give Latino and Hispanics parents a voice to advocate for their children’s education.

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